John Lee Dumas (JLD) is an entrepreneur and host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast with more than 2,000 episodes spent interviewing successful business leaders.

On today’s episode, JLD shares his key takeaways from those conversations and what he’s learned from his own personal experiences that can help you advance your business. 

In our discussion John shares his story. From transitioning into civilian life after his time in the U.S. military, to his experiences in corporate America, his time in law school, and his decision to break out on his own. He also distills what he’s learned from the many successful people he’s interviewed that can help you grow your own business regardless of your personal goals.


(2:30) – JLD describes moving from military to civilian life and his surprise at the difference in attitude and work ethic between the two.

(4:16) – Why JLD found the corporate world inhibiting and what spurred him to take his daring career leap.

(5:21) – JLD’s advice for his younger self and the importance of perpetual self-awareness.

(6:58) – His pointers for career-minded millennials and why they should consider shadowing professionals in the careers they want.

(8:44) – The trick: finding your focus.

(9:35) – Falling into the trap of “being productive in the wrong way.”


“You worked hard because you wanted to work hard, ‘cause it could be a matter of life or death.”

“If you didn’t train sufficiently, you might die when it came down to it.”

“People… for the most part, had a different interpretation about what it meant to work hard.”

“Give yourself time to become self-aware and check in, and give yourself time to actually think about ‘Hey, is my life actually going in the right direction?’”

“Decide what you want, have a spark of interest. And then go actually see if that spark turns into a flame in the real world.”

“Every entrepreneur that I’ve interviewed is crappy at a lot of things… but they’re great at one thing, and they’ve identified that one thing and they’ve focused.”

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