In this week’s episode, Morgan Field shares three critical keys to success. In our conversation we uncover why focus, curiosity and authenticity are some of the critical traits shared by people who are succeeding in their careers and lives. Through the stories that Morgan shares about her early years as a professional, her climb up the corporate ladder and her eventual decision to walk away from a lucrative career, we learn some great lessons that we can apply to our careers in the corporate world.

Morgan Field is a corporate rock star-turned-entrepreneur and life coach – and a badass lady to boot! She’s an expert on self-love, confidence, happiness and empowerment, helping people wake up to a life beyond their wildest dreams. Her business is currently operating in eight different countries and counting.

In our discussion with Morgan, she talks about what made her such a force to be reckoned with in the corporate world and shares her secrets for climbing the corporate ladder quickly and easily. We also asked Morgan what made her realize it was time to move away from the corporate world and what skills she’s developed that have enabled her to earn a six figure income AND become the best-selling author of “Epic Sexy You” in less than two years.


(2:30) – Morgan gets into what she does in her work, why she loves doing it, and the kind of freedom she values.

(4:30) – Morgan’s academic history, why she actually didn’t want to go to school in the first place, and her early career struggles.

(8:35) – What enabled her success climbing the corporate ladder and tips you can take away from her experience.

(13:45) – The most rewarding experience that Morgan took away from her corporate career.

(18:40) – Morgan’s “Office Space moment” – the epiphany that pushed her toward the next stage of her career.

(25:30) – Why you should take a step back and re-evaluate your definition of success.

(26:50) – How Morgan overcame her fears and shook up her career, and her tips for facing your own anxieties.

(29:40) – Pushing back when other people are pushing back against your choices.

(34:30) – “Working backwards,” giving yourself permission, and some of Morgan’s other secrets to success.

(37:45) – Morgan’s vision for her coaching program and not being afraid to start strong.

(42:15) – The inspiration we can find from children.


“I basically created a life that I absolutely love and figured out how to get paid doing what I love.”

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

“Every single thing we do prepares us for every single thing we will do.”

“Success now, to me… it’s the amount of time I get to spend loving being me.”

“There’s definitely more to life than chasing this title, chasing this position, chasing this next ring on the ladder.”

“As we chase our dreams, the people in our inner circle don’t always respond the way we would expect them to.”

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