What if you could borrow the same secrets that the world’s elite publicists use to create media and buzz for their clients but use them to set your personal brand on fire? You’d be unstoppable! Today’s guest can help get you there.

Janet Murray is a highly sought-after speaker and coach, assisting brands and business owners to promote their messages more effectively. She is also the host of the Soulful PR Podcast, where she helps people earn greater attention for the things that they’re doing in business and in life.

In this episode, Janet discusses how you can borrow best practices used by the world’s top publicists and use those techniques to improve your resume and personal brand. She also offers insight into how to stand out in a crowded labor market, what to do to earn the respect of key stakeholders and influencers, and delves deep into her proven method for how to use LinkedIn to promote your thought leadership and personal brand to the decision makers and hiring managers whose attention you crave.


(2:14) – How Janet defines public relations and why PR is so important.

(4:11) – The idea of “social proof” and why we take people featured in certain media more seriously.

(6:06) – Skills and tricks used in PR that you can borrow to get more attention.

(10:16) – How to get yourself into the publicist mindset and differentiate yourself in a crowded labor market.

(14:12) – On taking stock of your career and always looking ahead at the paths available to you.

(16:38) – “Training” the LinkedIn algorithm to work to your advantage when determining which content is actually interesting.

(22:23) – Determining which factors contribute to the visibility and shareability of a LinkedIn post.

(27:55) – How to start experimenting with LinkedIn and the power of just being interesting.

(31:31) – What not to do on LinkedIn and being aware of how visible you are.

(35:20) – How to make your personal brand stand out.

(37:00) – Nick answers a listener question and shares tips for how to nail your next phone interview.


“For me, PR is everything about how you show up in the world. It’s really just about how you communicate with people.”

“It’s not really about persuasion, it’s about understanding what that person wants, what they need and [how] to be of service.”

“I just understood that if I wanted something from somebody else, I couldn’t make it about me. I had to make it about them.”

“It really is kind of about taking the longer-term view and thinking ‘What do I need to do to get in front of these people?’”

“The easier you can make it for people to engage with you and respond, the better engagement that you’ll get.”

“Do remember that other people are looking.”

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