Alicia Johnson should have a PhD in creating fulfillment from hardship! Today, she is a counselor working with those who want to conquer their greatest fears and take charge of the purpose laid out before them. Having faced immense hardship throughout her life, Alicia and her husband Steve now helps others understand and move beyond their own pain at Longevity Relationship Consulting. She firmly believes that we all have the ability to improve our lives as long as we are willing to take the necessary action.

In this episode, Alicia lays out her troubled early years as a single mother and addict, explains how she came to terms with the pain in her life without erasing it, and traces her remarkable path through academia and the professional world.


(2:36) – Alicia recounts her earliest memories and formative financial experiences.

(4:46) – The traumas Alicia endured at young ages, how she turned to drugs for refuge, and becoming a mother.

(10:59) – Alicia’s repeated suicide attempts and why she didn’t have much in the way of a support system.”

(12:36) – Her fruitful time in a career skills program and the surprising jobs she took on as a result.

(16:20) – How Alicia’s emotional issues peaked, and her fortuitous experience with an evangelist.

(21:44) – How she was able to move through her pain by revisiting her trauma.

(26:20) – Getting her GED, working at IBM, and going to college in her 50s.

(36:40) – The experiences that led Alicia to seek work as a counselor.

(43:00) – Which figure from the Bible Alicia would share a drink with, as well as her parting piece of advice.


“I was looking for love and I was looking for acceptance in all the wrong places.”

“[Our mother] taught us to walk with our heads up.”

“God changed my life in an instant, but He didn’t take away my experiences and He didn’t take away my pain.”

“I had to face those lies that were seeded at that moment.”

“The only way you can dismantle a lie, is with the truth.”

“Take it one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time, and before you know it you’re gonna be through.”


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