Colin Boyd is obsessed with helping experts and entrepreneurs sell from stage in a non-pushy or sleazy way.

He keynotes at conferences around the world on topics such as persuasive communication and selling ideas.

Colin is a Certified Speaking Professional, and his clients include Coca Cola, Suncorp, Fuji Xero and Hewlett Packard.

He runs high-level mastermind programs for speakers and content creators. And delivers his signature program Sell From Stage Academy which helps people turn every presentation into a money-making machine.

Colin lives in Newport Beach, California with his wife and two little kids.

In this episode, Colin shares:

  • Why your audience’s subconscious mind opens up when you tell your story
  • How to share stories that show the audience how you got the results they want with the tools you have
  • Why your offer is a gift that could potentially change someone’s life
  • How to keep from becoming so obsessed with your business that it hurts other parts of your life
  • And more…


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