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Allison Hardy is a business coach, podcast host, Huffington post contributor and self-described “Mompreneur.” When life threw her a curveball, Allison didn’t strike out but instead forged a new path that brought her even greater fulfillment. Through her courses, the 6-Figure Mompreneur podcast and network marketing, she helps other women set up their own businesses and side-hustles. Allison has been named one of Washington D.C.’s most influential professionals under 40 by Washington Life Magazine.

In this episode, Allison describes how she went from living off of food stamps to making six figures in just two years and explains why she wants to help other women achieve that level of success.


(2:32) – What a “Mompreneur” is and how being one requires Allison to prioritize her responsibilities in a certain way.

(3:21) – Allison walks us through the early years of her career and reveals what shook everything in her life up.

(6:37) – How Allison navigated between jobs, came to her lowest point, and found a new calling.

(8:09) – Which essential training allowed her to make the perilous transition from art, to sales, to network marketing?

(11:26) – The fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs Allison had to overcome to make her business idea a reality.

(16:55) – Allison describes her service and explains who the right fit for her business may be.

(19:19) – How Allison decisively dealt with impostor syndrome in the early days of her business.

(20:51) – What drew Allison to her particular clientele, and what she thinks draws those clients in her direction.

(25:40) – The high point that made Allison realize that all of the trouble she’d been through to reach this point had been worth it.

(27:10) – Allison plays Rapid Fire and reveals the celebrity she’s simultaneously annoyed by and infatuated with.

(29:16) – What Allison would do differently if she had to start her entrepreneurial career over.


“I  knew she was the coach for me because she believed what she was saying.”

“I had gotten us so deep that I needed to dig us out, and I knew that going to a 9-to-5 really wouldn’t dig us out.”

“I had to make something happen. I had to do something different.”

“From the moment I remember, I always wanted to be an artist.”

“If I hadn’t hired a coach, I would not be sitting here talking to you today.”


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