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Despite how sexy shows like Shark Tank make entrepreneurship look, being a Parentpreneur can be lonely AF. We deal with all the things! Self-doubt, fear of failure, self-sabotage and imposter syndrome to name but a few. Without a proven plan to get passed these limiting beliefs, our success happen slower and more painfully than is has too, if it comes at all.


If you can’t build an online audience, the best offering in the world isn’t going to earn you a single dollar. To create stability, let alone growth, in your business you must have a proven way to consistently attract and grow an audience of ideal customers eager to follow your lead and buy from you.



Technology is what makes Digital Business possible. It’s also an area that creates massive roadblocks and brings up all kinds of fear and doubt that keeps successful Parentpreneurs like you playing small. We’ll overcome these roadblocks and put together a tech stack that allows the tech to do tech stuff and leaves you free to leverage your entrepreneurial superpowers.    



Speaking of superpowers, unless you’re Superman (or Superwoman), you need a team to reach the level of success that gives you the lifestyle you want. Building a team is an internal part to every 7- and 8-figure digital business owner you follow online, myself included. So why do so few early-stage entrepreneurs try to do it all themselves, struggling their way to mediocre results? It’s because they don’t have a proven way to hire and train the help they need at prices they can afford.



Even if your business becomes wildly successful, what good is it if it destroys your health or your marriage? What if the workload leaves you a shell of the person your kids need you to be when you finally check out for the day? Too many people overvalue financial success to the detriment of their health, happiness and most important relationships. I believe 100% in holistic entrepreneurship and I know for a FACT that you no longer have to choose between money and freedom, success and stability.


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