How to Choose a Content Platform

Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy

You’ve researched your Customer Avatar and have great ideas to share with your ideal audience. Now it’s time to double down on your messaging by choosing a content platform to post consistent content and grow your audience and influence.

Why is a Platform Important?

In today’s busy online world, free content is available just about everywhere. That’s why it’s impossible for most early stage solopreneurs to be everywhere their audience is without becoming overwhelmed, and eventually burning out. 

 If you don’t choose a consistent platform to share your message, your avatar won’t know how or where to find your content. Eventually they’ll turn to another influencer to help address their challenges. 


Which Platform Should I Choose?

Some common platforms include podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram, Facebook Groups, and even books. If you’re focused on audience growth (if you’re not, you should be), take some time to research where your avatar hangs out online and how they prefer to engage with content. This research can be done simply by looking for where other influencers in your market hang out and seeing the types of content they create. At the end of the day, there is no wrong platform to choose. There is however something to keep in mind as you choose your platform.

The #1 Mistake Content Creators Make

It’s critical to choose a platform you enjoy. If you hate writing, a blog probably isn’t a good platform for you, even if your avatar love blogs. If you hate Facebook, don’t pop up a Facebook group as a way to share our message. 

If you don’t genuinely like the medium or platform you choose, you won’t be consistent. If you can’t be consistent on your platform, you can’t share your message with your Avatar and you will struggle to grow your audience. 


Things to Consider When Choosing a Content Platform

  • Where do your ideal customers hang out online?
  • Your natural strengths. Are you a better writer or speaker? Are you comfortable making video or do you prefer audio content?
  • Do you prefer Instagram or Facebook? LinekdIn or Medium?
  • What types of content does your audience need from you? Educational or entertainment? 
  • Can you be consistent with the platform you choose?
  • Do you have a content plan based on research about your avatar?
  • Are you trying to be on every platform at the detriment of being really great on one or two?


“If you can’t be consistent on your platform, you can’t share your message with your Avatar and you will struggle to grow your audience.”


There is no wrong answer to the question, “Which content platform should I choose?” However, most entrepreneurs go wrong in one of two areas. They either don’t have a platform at all, or they have too many platforms.


Don’t make the mistake of creating a course or program and then struggling to sell it because you haven’t invested energy in a content platform to grow your audience of potential customers. And don’t go too far the other direction and try to have a major presence on every platform when you’re first starting out. 

Which content platform did you choose and why? Let me know in the comments. 


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