7-Steps to a Successful Launch Without a List
Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy

If you’ve been in the digital marketing world for more than a few weeks you’ve likely seen big influencers like Stu McLaren, Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore and Lewis Howes routinely pull off multiple 7-figure launches. They make it look easy. The elephant in the room is that all of these people have massive lists of hundreds of thousands of their fans and customers. So what’s an early-stage solopreneur who is just getting started to do if they want to create revenue in their business through a launch? Here’s a proven 7-step strategy to a successful launch without a list.

Identify a Launch Mechanism
Even if you don’t have an email list, you still have plenty of great options to launch your course, membership or other offer. While there are many ways you could launch your product, you need to identify the one that fits best for your style, budget and timeline.

Some of the highest performing launches come directly from:
Video Series

Create a Paid Ad Strategy to Build Your Audience
Before you start saying you can’t afford paid ads, hear me out. While it is entirely possible to have a successful launch without an email list, it is NOT possible to have a successful launch without getting your launch offer in front of an audience of ideal customers.

An effective paid ad strategy can create that audience in near real-time and drive eyeballs and clicks into your webinar, video series, challenge, or other launch strategies.

Build Excitement
While your paid ads are running, it’s imperative to do everything you can outside of those ads to create excitement and anticipation around your launch. You can create excitement in a variety of ways.

  • Go Live on Facebook
  • Interview a previous student or customer on a Live
  • Ask a former student to takeover your IG stories for the day to tell their story
  • Blog about the transformation your students achieve after they go through your program
  • Book guest interviews on podcasts
  • Send out a press release to relevant media outlets and influencers

Whatever you choose to do, there is no such thing as doing too much during the few days or weeks leading up to your launch.

Run the Launch

You’ve built excitement on social media and your paid ads have built an audience and filled your webinar, challenge, or video series with at least some ideal customers. Now it’s time to deliver. 

This is not the time to be hesitant, shy or unsure of yourself. And it’s certainly not the time to wish you had more people in your launch. Your new audience needs you to show up as the confident expert guiding them to the transformation they seek. Whether you have one person in your challenge or 5,000, your job is to show up for them and deliver on your promise.  

Open the Cart & Run Your Follow Up Sequence

When the day finally comes to ask for the sale, you need enthusiastically open the cart and run your follow up sequence to your audience. You’ll want to highlight plenty of success stories and ensure that your audience is crystal clear on the transformation you’re promising and how to buy it. 

To spike engagement and drive more sales, consider adding fast action bonuses – something that only those who buy on the first day will get and will then become unavailable to anyone else. 

“To spike engagement and drive more sales, consider adding fast action bonuses – something that only those who buy on the first day will get and will then become unavailable to anyone else.”

Close the Cart 

As tempting as it can be to extend the buying window (especially if you haven’t made as many sales as you’d like), a critical part of human psychology is the need to make a decision. 

If you waiver at all on your close cart date and time, you risk coming across as inauthentic and salesy. You’ll also sell far fewer products if you leave your offer open indefinitely. Your job during your launch is to help people make a decision. You want a hell yes, or a hell no. The “maybes” will clog your pipeline and suck your energy. 


Review Your Numbers & Iterate

Congrats! You just launched without an email list! How’d it go? 

Now is the first time to go back and really focus on your numbers. Key metrics to look at are:

  • Sales Goal
  • Total Sales Made
  • Offer Price
  • Conversion Rate (Launch participants / # of sales)
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)


Congratulations on taking action and launching before you built an email list! I’d wager that you learned a whole lot more by doing than you would have by planning and waiting, am I right?

When you launch for the first time you’ll get one of two outcomes:
The Result You Wanted
The Lesson You Needed

Regardless of your results, you succeeded in accelerating the growth of your digital business by launching your offer to a new audience.

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