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Dustin Heiner is an author, podcaster and blogger at Master Passive Income. Dustin used to work conventional retail and government jobs once upon a time, but he felt constrained and unfulfilled until he discovered the world of real estate investment. Now he helps his clients leave corporate drudgery behind by teaching them how to invest in real estate and make as much money as they can without trading time for money.

In this episode, Dustin explains why he walked away from his government job, reveals how he built a real estate business from scratch, and advises new business owners looking to get into the real estate game.


(2:13) – What pushed Dustin away from his old day job and why he found real estate to be a much more fruitful career path.

(5:01) – What was missing from Dustin’s old job experiences the important lessons he took away from them.

(7:11) – The ups and downs Dustin encountered building his real estate portfolio and what he learned along the way.

(9:47) – What people looking to invest in real estate need to learn about the business to get started.

(13:10) – Dustin’s rough and tumble path to learning how to do real estate “right.”

(15:37) – The 6 different ways you can make money off of real estate.

(16:45) – The moments that have made Dustin’s real estate journey, warts and all, worth it.

(18:51) – Dustin plays Rapid Fire and reveals which book got him started in the real estate world.

(21:11) – What Dustin would do differently if he had to restart his business today.


“What I did realize that I could count on was somebody needing a place to live.”

“This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme at all. This is a Get Wealthy Plan.”

“I have other people, like property managers, realtors, wholesalers, inspectors, all those other people to do work for me so I don’t have to work and I can do whatever I want with my time.”

“I was 37 years old when I quit my job and I will never get a job again.”


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