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Jeff Large is a podcast producer, founder of Come Alive Creative, and host of the Creative Marketing Brief podcast. A former teacher, Jeff found himself drawn to the world of small business and web development, eventually leading him to his work at Come Alive Creative where he helps others get their shows off the ground with the best quality audio and optimized engagement.

In this episode, Jeff explains why he left teaching to start Come Alive Creative, reveals why he believes many entrepreneurs job hop, and recounts his experiences in the board game industry.


(1:52) – What pushed Jeff toward teaching and the missing elements that ultimately pulled him away from that career.

(5:42) – Why he branched out into web development and other fields even before he considered leaving teaching behind.

(7:18) – Jeff recounts his unique experience publishing board games and how that experience shaped what he does today.

(8:25) – How the myriad jobs Jeff has held over the years have contributed to successfully running a business today.

(10:09) – What vision Jeff had in mind when starting his web development company, and how those views evolved with the challenges he met and successes he achieved.

(16:21) – What Come Alive Creative does, how they stand out from other podcast production companies, and who their ideal client is.

(19:28) – How Come Alive Creative sets goals for their shows and what analytics they use to track their performance.

(23:10) – Jeff’s advice for listeners wanting to get into podcasting or podcast production but not sure where to start.

(26:12) – The lowest and highest points in Jeff’s Come Alive Creative arc, as well as the important lessons he took away from each.

(29:32) – Jeff plays Rapid Fire and reveals the simple reason why he doesn’t find any celebrities particular annoying.

(31:02) – His advice for anyone looking to start their own business knowing what he does from his own experiences.


“Don’t underestimate networking. You have to align yourself with great people.”

“You’re probably capable of more than you’re giving yourself credit for.”

“I can almost look back to every single thing, positive and negative, that I’ve gone through so far and know for a fact that it has absolutely influenced my capacity now to be a business owner.”

“All of these experiences have absolutely made it possible what we’re doing now.”

“We intentionally keep a smaller client base just so we can give each person care.”

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