If you’ve found your way to this page, I know you want to earn a great living while working on the things that matter most to you all without sacrificing your relationships, health, or principles in the name of a paycheck.

To make that happen, you need to have control over your time and be strategic about the actions you take to create an ideal life for you and your family.Why Now | NickMurphy.io

The problem is you aren’t being strategic!  

You are spending all your available time and energy on your career but missing out on the benefits of climbing the ladder. You are also not being financially rewarded like you want to be.

Even when you do find yourself getting ahead, the increased commitment and pressure negates the promotion or small spike in pay by zapping even more of your time and energy.

This never-ending cycle leaves you feeling exhausted, frustrated, stuck and demoralized.

Surely there has to be a better way!

I believe you deserve to win back your life and break free from the job-for-money trap!

  • You deserve the freedom to choose how to spend your time and talent.
  • You deserve a lifestyle that provides the freedom and flexibility to work on what, and with whom, you choose to without sacrificing your livelihood or security.
  • You deserve an alternative to the toxic 9-5 culture.  

I understand how it feels to juggle the financial realities of raising a family and the internal stress of feeling like you’ve lost control of your time and energy.Nick and Boys

After living that way for years, I finally walked away from a stable $185,000 per year job in 2015 and set out to create a Lifestyle Business that gave me my life back! 

I forced myself to create a career that maximized my freedom and flexibility while maintaining a six-figure income.

I’ve made dozens of mistakes on my journey from NFL player, to entrepreneur, to corporate sales all-star, and back to entrepreneur. I’ve made dozens of mistakes, wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars, and failed at least as much as I’ve won.

Those lessons have been invaluable!

Looking back over my decade-long journey, I’ve broken down the tape from my biggest wins and most painful losses to create a proven game plan that teaches aspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs how to develop and scale profitable, fulfilling businesses. Businesses that give them their lives back.

I invite you to join our Lifestyle Business Community and experience for yourself what it feels like when you finally stop choosing between your freedom and your bank account and start playing a game you can win.


Getting in the game is easy. Simply choose your starting line.

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