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Kat McLead is a certified business coach and creator of SAHM Entrepreneur. Kat has had a very eclectic career, having gotten her start as an exotic dancer and later a dominatrix, the latter helping her realize her marketing talents. Now she works with stay-at-home moms to develop their own businesses that allows them to rake in profits while not sacrificing the time they spend with their kids.

In this episode, Kat outlines the unusual but successful road her career has taken, describes what it was like to switch between very different lines of work, and explains how she helps moms achieve their dreams without needing to leave the house.


(2:20) – The path Kat took from her troubled home, to exotic dancing, to making a killing as a dominatrix.

(4:10) – Why she ultimately burned out on her dominatrix work and how she works with female entrepreneurs nowadays.

(5:43) – How one of Kat’s clients actually provided her with the opening to start a new career.

(8:36) – What was it like transitioning between two very different lines of work for Kat?

(9:36) – Kat describes her current business and how she “accidentally” became a business coach.

(10:56) – Debunking the notion that sex workers only have a limited, non-transferrable skillset.

(12:13) – How Kat draws on her own psychological background to help her clients.

(13:48) – What Kat feels have been the lowest lows and highest highs throughout the course of her business.

(15:14) – Kat’s approach to helping her clients find an equilibrium between parent and entrepreneur.

(16:50) – What kind of woman Kat sees as her ideal client.

(19:31) – Kat plays Rapid Fire and reveals the one thing she would do differently if she could start all over again.


“When you niche, you grow rich.”

“My biggest superpower in helping my clients is finding their niche.”

“It’s hard sometimes to sacrifice so much of yourself to become Mom.”

“Your self-worth does not intertwine with how rapidly your business is scaling.”

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