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Bob Paskins is a motivational speaker who lives with his family in the greater Portland area. Amping up large crowds wasn’t always Bob’s calling, having spent the early portion of his career as a Radio DJ and later as an insurance salesman. But after finding both jobs unfulfilling, he discovered the power of storytelling and realized it was a talent he could put to use for people’s benefit.

In this episode, Bob explains how he went from Radio DJ to motivational speaker, discusses why trusting your gut is always the best strategy, why he thinks you should invest in online coaching, and emphasizes why referrals are so vital for solopreneurs.


(2:13) – Bob’s original life and career plan as he left school and how it ended up shifting.

(5:44) – Why Bob felt unfulfilled in his chosen line of work and what had changed for him.

(9:12) – What gave Bob the confidence to go from DJ’ing and selling insurance to consulting for salespeople.

(11:58) – How he got started as a solopreneur.

(13:35) – The highlights (and the struggles) of getting his business going.

(17:00) – Considerations to make before investing in an online course.

(18:58) – The highest high in Bob’s business over the last few years.

(22:57) – Why referrals are so key to getting your business going.

(28:33) – Bob plays Rapid Fire and explains why the Minnesota Vikings are often on his mind.

(31:40) – What Bob would do differently if he were starting his business all over again tomorrow.


“I could operate in a lane of fear or I could operate in a lane of faith.”

“I had to make the investment in educating myself before I could go out and work with others.”

“People that know you and believe in you want you to succeed, and they will help you succeed.”

“I think I kinda had that entrepreneurial or that spirit of ownership in me from the start.”

“What I realized was even though I was in the insurance business, I did not like selling insurance.”

“What would happen if I was to take the insurance piece out of what I do and instead work with the companies basically to elevate them to the next level?”

“I wanted to find an online program that fit who I was, and really placed a value upon finding that synergy between what the program was versus what I wanted to build.”


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