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Cathy Weiss is a clairvoyant, intuitive energy reader, and self-described “personal trainer for your soul.” Formerly a teacher and yoga instructor, Cathy now works with women to provide them with clarity and a way forward through their personal and professional journeys.

In this episode, Cathy recounts her experience fusing yoga and pole-dancing, relates how she became aware of her own intuitive gift, and explains how she was able to make some of the more difficult choices in her career.


(2:24) – What “energy” means to Cathy and the journey she took to arrive in her current business.

(6:38) – How L.A. traffic factored into Cathy’s decision to change career path.

(10:49) – What went through her head when deciding to open a yoga studio and how she went about putting the business together.

(13:53) – The unexpected conception of Cathy’s yoga / pole dancing fusion studio, Yoga Flirt.

(15:12) – What influenced Cathy’s decision to ultimately close her studio down.

(17:56) – Cathy makes a case for why you might want to walk away from something you love, as well as how she personally dealt with shutting down her studio.

(20:43) – How Cathy figured out the next steps in her personal journey after closing Yoga Flirt.

(22:46) – The moment Cathy realized she had the ability to read other people’s energies.

(28:16) – How Cathy successfully positioned her business and how you can frame your own in a clear and attention-grabbing way.

(31:27) – What Cathy finds to be the most fulfilling moments in her new career.

(32:51) – Cathy plays Rapid Fire and defines what success truly means to her.

(35:41) – What would Cathy do differently if she could restart her career from scratch tomorrow?


“People think they know what their energy is until they hear it explained.”

“I didn’t realize how much I was tied and held by this business until I started the process of closing it.”

“The more I sink into trusting my heart and my soul, the more I know everything is working out perfectly.”

“I feel like we’re obligated to really, really listen to and trust our heart and our soul because it means we’re meant to move onto something else.”

“What I care about is the results and 100% of my clients agree on the results.”

“Any little bit of feedback that I get that tells me I’m helping anyone is such a huge win and helps me trust and keep moving forward with what I’m doing.”


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