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As a former NFL player, I know discipline, ambition, and self-motivation. I know what it takes to succeed. Today, I coach people to apply those same principles to win in the game of life by building digital and service-based businesses that allow you to live life on your terms.

I passionately believe that when you create a life on your terms, you become free.

Free from the angst you feel when your bosses name pops up in your inbox.

Free from the heartbreaking choice between financial success and time with your family and loved ones.

Free from prioritizing a healthy lifestyle over a successful career.

The purpose of my work is to inspire people into action. My coaching style has been described as “a warm heart with a swift kick in the ass.”

Through my programs, I coach people away from a rat race existence toward building a career-life of purpose.

Through my best-selling book, podcast, “minicamps”, public-speaking, and online courses, I transform daydreamers into high achievers. If you aspire to live life on your terms and you’re ready to build a career that sends your heart soaring, you’ve found your Guide.

Break out of the job-for-money trap and unbox your inner-entrepreneur, today.

Are you ready? Choose your starting line and let’s get to work.

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